Saturday, March 12, 2011

Why I need to blog!

I think I might have said this a time or twenty. I know I will forget all the precious things the kids say and do day to day . . . all the little things that make being a parent so special and touching!

Tonight I was doing bedtime with Katie and she said "I'm sure sure sleepy" and she was so incredibly sweet when I put her in her crib. She said "oh, just what I wanted!!" and then she gave me "nose kisses" and "head kisses." Nose kisses are Eskimo kisses and head kisses are where we rub our foreheads together in the same manner. Too funny.

She can have quite a temper, but MAN, is she sweet. She has been acting very clingy, which I KNOW isn't a great thing, but it's kind of nice in a way too. Ryan had always wanted Marc to do everything for/with him, so it's a surprise for me when Katie wants only me. I'm not used to this! More on this in another post!

Ryan was so funny today. My mom said "you are something else!" and he said "Ha!!! WHAT else???" He also said that the geese were "crying out loud," which I think was a very literal attempt at using the phrase, LOL!

I wanted to post about a cute mispronunciation that Katie just stopped saying, but I can't think of it right now. I don't think I even told Marc. Hmmmm. We still have a "diamond room" (both of them say that instead of dining room) and Katie still loves "cakecups." I'll think of it!

Oh my, they both did a million cute and things today, but this is all I'll write for now :-)