Thursday, October 23, 2008

there was a birdnapping!

This morning when I opened Ryan's door, he said "Mama! Mama!" and was over by his bed - and then he signed and said "birds!" to tell me that his birds were missing! He was pointing to where they should be on his bed railing (the "birds" are on his crib soother). Awwww, it was so sweet. The batteries needed to be recharged, and he had been asleep when we got home last night, so he went up to his room and didn't notice they weren't there until he woke up.

This is a picture of his "birds" - the birds move and flap their wings and there are lights and music, and it also projects a light show onto the ceiling. He still loves it!

Friday, October 10, 2008

little sisters are pretty entertaining

This is Ryan's reaction to Katie jumping in the jumperoo this morning . . .

It was funny because he looked at me and said "more", so I told him to tell her, which he did. Well, I hope she learns what that means soon because when he got out of the booster seat, he went right up to her and was VERY insistent with his demands for her to jump MORE. Ryan needs a lesson on babies not understanding things yet ;-)

Monday, October 6, 2008

Happy Birthday to my precious little man!!!

I am so excited about Ryan's birthday! I can't believe my little baby is two years old :-)

I really need to go to bed (it's just after midnight) but I am tempted to stay up and go kiss him at 1:25am, LOL. He is such a sweetie, and I'm so thankful that I am his Mommy!!

I was wrapping presents tonight and was thinking about what we'll do tomorrow (well, today). I have a book that I'll give him in the morning so that we can read it during the day. I wrote a little note in it that he'll probably think is silly some day - sappy mommy stuff :-) We might go to the park or at least play outside in the morning before his nap. When Marc gets home we'll give him the rest of his presents, and then will probably take him outside to play with his new t-ball set. I am so excited to give him that - he's going to love it!

During his nap, I am going to try to make him a cake for after dinner - using this pan. I hope it turns out ok! I am trying to not make it too fancy because I have a lot of cake and cupcake decorating to do for his party on Saturday. We'll see how much time I have to decorate it! Dinner will be some of his favorites - chicken fingers, peas, and mac n' cheese, LOL!

Ok, I have to get to bed!!

Friday, October 3, 2008

some pics

Kate tried the jumperoo today for the first time :-) She liked it - but I think Ryan was more excited about her being in there than she was! We have to watch him VERY carefully when she's in there!! Her feet touch the floor - but just barely. I remember putting a pillow under Ryan's feet for a while, and then one time he pooped on it, LOL.

Ryan was so excited to put this hat on Katie :-)

Here is Ryan eating an apple from his great grandfather's tree. He LOVES them and is always saying "apple" and grabs them out of the big bag we have.