Thursday, October 23, 2008

there was a birdnapping!

This morning when I opened Ryan's door, he said "Mama! Mama!" and was over by his bed - and then he signed and said "birds!" to tell me that his birds were missing! He was pointing to where they should be on his bed railing (the "birds" are on his crib soother). Awwww, it was so sweet. The batteries needed to be recharged, and he had been asleep when we got home last night, so he went up to his room and didn't notice they weren't there until he woke up.

This is a picture of his "birds" - the birds move and flap their wings and there are lights and music, and it also projects a light show onto the ceiling. He still loves it!

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Jaime said...

What a cutiepie! :)