Friday, October 23, 2009


Ryan has started saying "o-tay" (ok) in response to many questions and comments that we make. It still shocks me every single time, LOL. I know it probably doesn't sound like much, but it always surprises us because it's such a change. I have been thinking about what the change really is - it is not that he wasn't answering us before. In some cases, he is responding verbally where he wasn't before. If I had asked for him to take his shoes off, he usually just did it, but now his action is preceded by "o-tay" - so cute! In other cases I think he is saying "ok" as a response instead of "yes." The other day (while working on the railroad) he had two handfuls of train track and I asked him to cover the piano keys. He spun around to look at the piano and said "o-tay, in a minute." I LOVE how our little boy talks and I continue to be unable to get enough!!

In other response news, Katie is answering questions too! If you ask her a yes/no question she will say "no" or "uh-huh" to respond. So so cute!!!! This also shocked us. Most times it actually comes out as "uh.....HUH" and usually includes some shoulder shrugging to emphasize her point :-) She is such a sweetie! Right now she loves giving hugs. There are times when we are eating and I have to get up from my chair 10 times in a row to respond to her calls of "hugggg hugggg hugggg" and outstretched arms. I know, it's a very tough life :-)

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Happy Birthday to our precious little man!

*Here* are some interesting facts about October 7th in history. For us, October 7th is the day we met our son, the day we were lucky enough to become Ryan's Mommy and Daddy. I will never stop being amazed at how he has changed our lives for the better and has brought us a world and lifetime of happiness. Happy Birthday Ryan! We love you so much!

I can't believe he's already 3!!!!! It seems like only yesterday we took these pictures . . .

Thursday, October 1, 2009

color of the day: RED

This was Ryan's 3rd week of preschool. He is going Tuesdays and Thursdays from 12:30-3. The first week he was only there for 90 minutes total, so this is his second "full" week. The first week consisted of a 30 min "meet the teacher" session where I stayed with him on Tuesday, and an hour long class for him on Thursday where I was still in the building participating in an orientation for the parents. I don't know of him shedding a tear - it's a struggle for me to get him to say goodbye since he wants to start playing as soon as he walks in the room. I'm very happy he seems to be enjoying it! I still need to post pictures from his first day!

Today he had to wear red - the color of the week - so I snapped a few pics of him in his new red shirt. He's getting so big! I am also including a picture of Katie from yesterday. I was trying to get a picture of her in her new tights (which I was LOVING) but she didn't cooperate, so this is the best I could do! And yes, that sock is in the garbage :-)