Sunday, June 28, 2009

I think Katie is a toddler now!

Here she is walking across our family room - it's 17 feet gate to gate. She and Ryan came up with this game on their own - I got the camera after the 1st two laps :-) Ryan can open the gates now, but he was having too much fun running back and forth through the dining room! He also noticed her walking on his own - he was playing with his trains and saw her and said "Katie Walk!!" He was so excited about it, as you'll see!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Happy Birthday Dada!

Here is Ryan singing Happy Birthday to Dada! He also adds in "I love you dada" all on his own. At the end he says "Ryan look?" and makes a dash behind the camera to see how cute he is :-) Happy Birthday Marc!!!

Friday, June 19, 2009


When we were in the car tonight Ryan said "open Ryrun's window" instead of "winwin." I am always trying to help him learn new words and pronounce things correctly, but certain words are so cute that it makes me sad to lose them. Ryan talks constantly now, and I still can't get enough :-)

Ahhh, I just realized that I had saved a post about going to Hershey this week but never posted it. I had just jotted down a few things we did that I wanted to remember! I have to upload some pics and get going on that! More to come soon!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

loving books

This is Katie kissing the characters in her Sesame Street book :-)

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

do they look like siblings?

This picture of Ryan when he was 10 months old reminds me of the one we just got of Katie when she was a year old. I guess it's the expressions that are similar (the tucked in lips that show off their cheeks), though Katie is smiling a bit more and looking at the camera. Awww, my sweet babies :-)

Monday, June 8, 2009

stopping to smell the roses

Today we went to the Rose Garden in Allentown. It's one of Nana's favorite places, and the roses are in bloom, so we went there with her today. It was a gorgeous day, though quite warm if you are chasing a toddler around :-) There is a birdhouse on top of each trellis, so besides smelling the roses in the air, you hear the birds chirping and can watch them busily tending to their babies. It's so beautiful there! Enjoy! Click here to see more pics.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

short sleeves

About half of the time, when we go to wash his hands or do something messy, Ryan will go through the motions of pushing up BOTH sleeves, even when he is not wearing long sleeves.

More about "this" and "that" . . .

Me: Do you want some peanut butter crackers?
Ryan: Put the crackers tuh deh duh (together) Momma
Me: This way?
Ryan: That way! Uh huh!

I guess he's getting it :-)

We also talked about the sun this morning at the breakfast table. He said "the sun come up!" and then he said "Ryan awake now!" and then "Katie awake now too!" Such a conversationalist!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009


We continue to be amazed and amused by all the things Ryan says :-)

A while ago he was watching Marc give the dogs their food, and he said "Ryan eats cocoa puffs too!" Since then he has again referred to the dog food as cocoa puffs, LOL. They do look pretty similar, I have to admit.

Today he was eating grapes and he bit one in half and looked down at the piece in his hand and said "there's juice in there" and started sucking on the grape. I guess grapes are pretty amazing, come to think of it. This is what they say about seeing the world through your child's eyes - next time you eat a grape, take some time to be thankful for their built-in juice :-)

I have to get more video of him saying everything because I enjoy it all so much, and it changes all the time. He just started saying "here you go" but it comes out more like "here the go" and it's even cuter when he says "here the go, mama" or "here the go, Katie" and hands us something. He is really big on saying "over here," "over there," "this one," "that one" and similar things. You can tell he's really trying to figure them all out.

I am too tired to upload new pics from the camera at the moment, but I will share this one that was never shared here before. We came across it when we were making Kate's 1 year montage.

A white chocolate bunny (a great teether, btw) . . . and a peep in the other hand :-)

oh, one more . . .

or two :-)