Tuesday, June 2, 2009


We continue to be amazed and amused by all the things Ryan says :-)

A while ago he was watching Marc give the dogs their food, and he said "Ryan eats cocoa puffs too!" Since then he has again referred to the dog food as cocoa puffs, LOL. They do look pretty similar, I have to admit.

Today he was eating grapes and he bit one in half and looked down at the piece in his hand and said "there's juice in there" and started sucking on the grape. I guess grapes are pretty amazing, come to think of it. This is what they say about seeing the world through your child's eyes - next time you eat a grape, take some time to be thankful for their built-in juice :-)

I have to get more video of him saying everything because I enjoy it all so much, and it changes all the time. He just started saying "here you go" but it comes out more like "here the go" and it's even cuter when he says "here the go, mama" or "here the go, Katie" and hands us something. He is really big on saying "over here," "over there," "this one," "that one" and similar things. You can tell he's really trying to figure them all out.

I am too tired to upload new pics from the camera at the moment, but I will share this one that was never shared here before. We came across it when we were making Kate's 1 year montage.

A white chocolate bunny (a great teether, btw) . . . and a peep in the other hand :-)

oh, one more . . .

or two :-)

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Nana said...

No wonder Ryan looked at the "open faced" peanut butter cracker with such a confused little expression! He was waiting for the "top" to be put on the cracker. Ryan and I had a nice little lunch that day.....cheese cubes, grapes....LOTS of grapes...peanut butter crackers and a favorite treat Nana brings...orange Gatorade. We were having lunch while Mama was mowing the lawn and Katie was "napping her crib." As we looked out the kitchen window while we ate, every time Amy went past, Ryan would say "there Mama goes." It was hysterical, because he said this about every third bite! Amy was really truckin' at a good pace to beat the rain. When we finished, he took Mama's water bottle from the fridge and flagged her down from the back steps. It was so adorable to see Amy's appreciation and the wonderful smile on Ryan's face.

Later that day, Ryan opened the back door and some rain came in on the floor. I gave him a papertowel to wipe it up. Before he could, Amy put her foot on the towel and rubbed it around on the floor. So.....naturally, Ryan jumped onto the towel with both feet. Voila....a new and tricky way to wipe up something on the floor is born. Can't wait to see how this works with something sticky that he tries to clean up.

We were watching the trains today....I was in my car next to Amy and the children. Ryan's window was down...I started trying to toss small pieces of pretzels into his window. He was hysterical. It took Mama a few minutes to figure out what was so funny....and Ryan didn't give me away. He actually caught a few pieces on his lap and munched on them. I love when he starts laughing with that deep belly laugh...it makes my day!