Wednesday, June 3, 2009

short sleeves

About half of the time, when we go to wash his hands or do something messy, Ryan will go through the motions of pushing up BOTH sleeves, even when he is not wearing long sleeves.

More about "this" and "that" . . .

Me: Do you want some peanut butter crackers?
Ryan: Put the crackers tuh deh duh (together) Momma
Me: This way?
Ryan: That way! Uh huh!

I guess he's getting it :-)

We also talked about the sun this morning at the breakfast table. He said "the sun come up!" and then he said "Ryan awake now!" and then "Katie awake now too!" Such a conversationalist!

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Nana said...

Since I have been "home" these past few weeks, Amy has graciously asked me to "help" her with the children as she tries to accomplish a few projects around the house. Katie never stops smiling and laughs at any funny face you make...she laughs with her entire being, especially her heart.

Ryan and I have been doing little "projects," AKA crafts, while Katie naps. Today he made painted napkin rings for a dinner Amy was planning for DaDa's homecoming (from the UK) and for the Romanos. When we were finished, we told him to put them on the dining room table. To our surprise and joy, he placed each napkin carefully spaced all around the table at each chair. We were so proud of his ingenuity.

Being with my daughter and her wonderful children is the best therapy anyone can find!