Thursday, March 26, 2009

give me strawberty or give me death

I know, it's a little early in the day for a Patrick Henry reference, but that is what came to mind as I was cutting strawberries for Ryan this morning. He LOVES them and I was trying to help him practice saying it - and it came out "strawberty." I asked "is that like liberty?" and he said "NO! STRAWberty!" :-) He was very funny watching me clean and cut them. He was distraught about each strawberry that made its way into a bowl for later instead of on his plate. I am not SURE, but I am guessing it's not a good idea to let him eat 2lb. of strawberries in one sitting, LOL. I was telling him about how strawberries grow on a plant like so many other things we eat, and how we could pick some this summer, and he seemed very excited. He also eagerly agreed that we should try growing some here.

I don't eat strawberries (so many seeds!) but I really enjoy hulling and cutting them for some reason - maybe it's all of those memories of my strawberry shortcake dolls. I also love how they make the fridge smell - so sweet and fresh. Speaking of Strawberry Shortcake, I have been thinking of her as I am starting to plan Katie's birthday partyin May. I need to make sure I use that as a theme before she is old enough to say no - but I don't want to do it as her 1st birthday. So maybe for 2! I guess there is a good chance Ryan will have some input about his party in October, so I better not wait for 3 for Strawberry Shortcake - just to be safe :-)

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Nana said...

The smell in the fridge reminds me of the boxes of strawberries we used to pick at Hallocks Farm with Mamu every June. By the time we got home, Pop would have the kitchen set up to clean and hull them, and all the freezer containers would be in place. While we were picking we would always laugh that they should weigh us all before we started and after we finished.....we probably ate 2 lbs while we picked! Those luscious huge juicy berries with the morning dew were just too good to pass up. You loved
strawberries...and maybe you could share them with Ryan. Especially, it would be nice to share this story of his Nana and his "great" Mamu. Let's make a promise to each other to make sure we tell all the "picking stories" with him as he tastes all of this summer's fresh veggies and fruits!