Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Don't even THINK about taking away her shake! She was holding on tightly with both hands! I guess it was good! She would get anxious if I even looked like I might touch the cup :-) Kate has been refusing to eat baby food for some time now - and she will only occasionally let me feed her some yogurt with a spoon. We went to the store yesterday and I got some frozen blueberries, cherries, blackberries, and plain organic whole milk yogurt. This morning I was all set to get the blender out when I remembered the fruit baby food we have that she rarely eats - so I just stirred that together in a cup with a bit of fruit juice, and she was thrilled! She LOVES using a straw! She did great with it from the start - I think we first tried it just a few days ago. This will be a great way for her to get some more fruit and dairy (and to use up that baby food!) and she'll probably love it even more when I start using the blender to add fruit!

Oh, and one more thing - she has finally started babbling "mamamamama" - she started last night at the store :-) She doesn't use it for me specifically yet, but at least she can make that sound now! She is getting better with "cat" - she loves looking and pointing at them and consistently makes the same sound to say that. She's getting so big!

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Nana said...

"It's such hard work, but someone has to drink this amazing shake my Ma-ma made...I wonder what's in here...its so rumbly in my tumbly!" Katie and Ryan are so lucky to have their parents committed to having Ma-Ma snuggle with them at home every day. Such great things can happen, like yogurt fruit shakes, mattress sliding boards, awesome dirt pile digging, listening to endless mocking bird songs in your yard, painting with fingers, fixing broken train bridges, playing peek-a-boo in the kitchen, greeting the big green garbage truck, watching "hop" eat your grass, learning to say 'cat,' ....and lots of love bug kisses and hugs!