Wednesday, May 6, 2009

teeth, baths, and baseball

Here is Katie's best shark impression, thanks to Ryan and his tickling. This turns out to be a great view of her current teething situation - the poor girl. She really only has those 2 bottom teeth, but you can see 4 (or maybe even 6) that are very close to pushing through on the top - all at once. She has been a doll about it though!

a few more post-bath pictures from tonight . . .

Here is a reluctant 2.5 year old posing with FeFe, one of the Iron Pigs mascots at his first baseball game. That was Sunday, May 3rd, our 6 year wedding anniversary. In the rain. Katie was a trooper in her Ergo carrier with Daddy, but Ryan was less than thrilled most of the time. It was a long day, but I'll happily take rain on any May 3rd as I fondly remember the gorgeous weather in 2003 :-)

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