Monday, February 1, 2010

the little things

I really need to blog more often because if I don't do it day to day, I forget some of the little things I don't ever want to forget! The little things are so precious and Ryan and Katie are changing and growing up every minute!!!

I even occasionally save posts and then don't get back to them. I have a post that I started on Christmas - but I didn't get (or take) the time to finish it and post it. I need to be a little better. I want to be. It's hard to find the balance!

Today they put a street light up outside our house and Ryan asked me to bring him to the one window to see it better - and he said "them broomin' out there" - I think he was combining "broom" and "sweeping" :-)

Here are a few recent pics . . .


Anonymous said...

Wonderful!! Grammie loves the pics!

Nana said...

More little things . . . When I visit, Ryan always gives my walker a "tune up." Last time he was using his hammer and much to his surprise he slammed his finger! After he caught his breath, he disappeared! LOL.
A few minutes later he came back wearing his "work gloves" and his goggles! Morale to the story: always keep your PPE(Personal Protective Equipment) handy! LOL!

Nana. xoxoxoxo