Wednesday, August 27, 2008

get all your ducks in a row

Ummm, I mean BLOCKS :-) When we first got these blocks, all Ryan wanted to do was stack the columns end to end until they would topple over. Lately, he started lining up blocks like this - usually only the triangles, though every once in a while a half circle will be lucky enough to be included. It's interesting to watch because he's very particular about what goes where (Is perfectionism genetic? We are REALLY trying not to teach it!!) - he'll arrange them and switch a few blocks back and forth, turning them, etc. He also gets them lined up in a pretty straight line. Then he'll drive a car over them and pushes them all around and starts again.

Yesterday morning we did a fire department tour - Ryan loved it, especially the hat. Click here to see more pics.

Here is a picture of Katie this morning, playing in her brother's "Little Monkey" outfit - a favorite of ours :-)


stb said...

Amy - Mallory has blocks like that at daycare and she just likes to look through the colored panel. I love Ryan's design!

Kate is adorable, I can't believe how big she is getting :-)


RRuss said...

I LOVE his sense of symmetry and attention to detail!

Kristie said...

They are both so adorable!