Thursday, August 7, 2008

making calls already

I was having a rough time with Ryan's diaper change this morning, so I handed him my cell phone to keep him occupied. He opened the phone and was pressing some buttons and then put the phone to his ear and was talking away. I thought I heard a voice and took the phone to hear Marc talking to his son from a bus on the way to Manhattan - "hi buddy!" Ryan made the call totally on his own - so funny! I think he actually used the speed dial number to do it because there was another "2" on the screen (I can't assign the number 1 because it is hardcoded to voicemail). Ryan seemed thrilled to talk to Daddy and had lots to say, and then hung up after a few minutes. Marc had mentioned that he was going to sleep on the bus so I shouldn't call if possible, but maybe a call from his little boy is an exception :-) Next time he'll have to tell Ryan about his plans too!

Happy 22 month birthday to Ryan!!! Only 2 months 'til the big 2 :-)

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