Tuesday, August 19, 2008

sleepy girl

It's after 9:30am and Katie is still sleeping - since about 10pm last night. I have heard noises from her on and off, so I know she's ok - and I just went to check on her. I was thinking I'd get her up, but she looked so happy that I let her sleep. Here is a picture of her - the noise from me going in and out of the room a few times made her start actively sucking on her hand but her eyes remained shut tight - so sweet. She hasn't been willing to take a pacifier much - apparently her fingers are much better!


mesa said...

so sweet! what a beautiful girl!

Anonymous said...

Amy, that is the sweetest picture!

Kristie said...

Kate slept for a long time like this once. I eventually woke her up to eat, but it was so sweet watching her. She was so happy and content! Katie looks so cute in this picture!