Wednesday, August 26, 2009

nuke nuke & trains

Ryan and I were just sitting at the table eating and I hummed a song and he said "mama, put some nuke nuke (music) on!" I asked what I should put on and he said "I workin' on the railroad" - awwww! His face lit up when I opened iTunes and started playing "I've been working on the railroad" - we have a playlist of some of his favorites.

A week or two ago we were eating dinner and has some music on and he said "mama, turn the nuke nuke off" and after I asked why he said "so Ryrun can hear the rain!" It was a pretty nice rainstorm :-)

Today we went to Barnes & Noble and the kids enjoyed playing with the train table. Katie was bringing all the helicopters (one at a time) to the grandmother of a little girl that was also playing. She was also blowing kisses to the little girl and the grandmother. When the grandmother's cell phone went off, Katie was dancing to the music. Out little social butterfly had a great time! Ryan loved it too and he played very nicely!

Here are some pics from today that I took with my camera phone . . .

Ryan calls this the "turnpike" :-)

Katie with a "helpacoppa"

Ok, I have to go play with blocks :-)

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