Monday, August 24, 2009

"this new toy not working, Mama"

Katie woke up from her nap, and I wanted to get her a snack. Ryan wasn't hungry, so I went in the office to get him a "new" toy that is really just something he hasn't played with in a while. I got his little street rug and his matchbox cars and thought he'd love playing with it for a few minutes instead of distracting Katie in the kitchen. After about 2 minutes, he comes over and says "this new toy not working, Mama." I laughed and went over, curious to find out how a carpet on the floor can be "not working" so I ask. He says "all the cars fall over" and of course there are about 10 inverted cars scattered around. I ask to see and he drives a car on the roads, complete with sound effects and then discreetly flips it over, LOL. Apparently, this is a pretty dangerous stretch of road, and 10 minutes to feed your daughter some yogurt is too much to ask :-)

Katie has been saying and signing more and more. She loves the Paddington bears that Marc brought home from London a few months ago, and "bear" is one of her favorite words. It's also very cute how she signs it. This morning she picked out a Raggedy Ann book to read before her nap, and she found a teddy bear among a large group of toys in the story. She was so excited to sign and say "bear" every time she saw him, and SCREAMED and cried if he wasn't on one of the pages, LOL!

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