Friday, September 12, 2008

footie pajamas = bathing suit?

Apparently Ryan thinks so :-) This morning, after getting me up by saying "mama" about 20 times he of course ran to Katie's door and was so upset when I wouldn't let him wake her. Speaking of him calling me from his room - sometimes he'll actually get down on his belly and put his little mouth right by the floor and the door - so that he is talking under the door. It's so funny - I don't know where he got this idea. I guess he knows that is the opening, so it makes sense. I'll go in and the carpet will be all wet from his face being there - right by the door.

Anyway, moving on to the footie pj story - he then ran into our room and into our bathroom where Daddy was getting a shower. Ryan loves showers - so he got right in and pulled the door closed behind himself - pjs and all. He was so happy though he did seem a little disturbed that his feet were getting wet. He was NOT happy when I took him out!

When we got downstairs and I got him in some dry clothes, he was having fun running around and was really jumping for the first time. He has been loving jumping lately - but this was the first time we saw him really able to jump with both feet at the same time instead of one foot followed closely by the other. Hopefully I'll get the jumping on video soon - he's pretty cute and is so proud of himself!

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