Tuesday, September 30, 2008

open mouth, insert foot

literally, LOL. Yes, Katie has finally gotten a taste of her toes :-) She was such a cutie with her foot in her mouth for the 1st time yesterday, 9/29. She has also been enthralled with her hands. She'll hold her hand up in front of her face and just stare and slowly move her fingers. It's so much fun to watch!

Ryan has been LOVING his GeoTrax - an early birthday present from Mommy and Daddy. He is obsessed. We got him a small set to start with and he's having a blast playing with it. Marc had showed him some videos on youtube and he kept saying "more choo choo" every time he got near the computer. So, on Sunday night, we went out and got him some since I'd rather he play with trains than watch them on videos! It turns out that this is a good learning opportunity since he has to control himself and deal with the disappointment of not being able to be attached to the GeoTrax 24/7. We have done a lot of time-outs lately, LOL.

He's so funny playing with them - he actually loves pushing the train without it running on the batteries - and I love watching him carefully walk around the track, sometimes going on his toes to avoid stepping on it or knocking anything over. Today I told him to push the button to turn the train on (he forgets and wonders why the controller isn't working) and he said "no" and then (nicely) took the controller and put it all the way across the room so that I wouldn't use it :-) We spent quite a lot of time rearranging track today - and I heard a lot of "no no no no no no" if I tried a configuration he didn't like, LOL. He is already really good at putting the pieces together even though he doesn't quite get the elevation parts and makes things that don't quite work at times. It's also been fun to talk to him about the train - practicing words like "down," "bridge," "under," etc. We are having lots of fun enjoying this with him! I'll have to post some pictures or video - we love watching our little engineer. (You know, a person that runs a train. Hi Russ.)

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