Saturday, September 27, 2008

unfortunate toddlerisms

Today, as we were having some mini pizza bagels for lunch, I was trying to help Ryan say "pizza." Well, the first syllable of pizza sounds like pee, so his attempt at the word (since he knows it is two syllables but he can't quite say "zzzzzzza") is "pee pee." Now I'm all for having affectionate nicknames for pizza, but this is not one that I can embrace, LOL!

Mommy: "pizza"
Ryan: "pee pee"
Mommy: "peeee - zzzzzzza"
Ryan: "peeeee - pee"
and on and on . . .

Then Kate was sitting on my lap and Ryan decided she should have a lesson too, LOL! He was so adorable pointing to the pizza on his plate, getting right in her face, eye-to-eye, and saying slowly and repeatedly - "pee pee."

Hmmmm, I wonder if this is going to interfere with potty training somehow?

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Jaime said...

That is so adorable and funny Amy!