Tuesday, September 9, 2008

maaaaaaa maaaaaaa

I have quite an adorable alarm clock. "Mama, mama, mama, maaaaaaa ma . . . . . daaaaaaaaaaa." LOL. It's so sweet to hear him calling me. Of course the snooze button needs some work. It's highly intermittent, and using it is at my own risk. I have found him in his room with his pjs unzipped a few times lately (once with his diaper also open), so it's usually in my best interest to get him promptly. So far he hasn't really made a mess, except for needing a bath one morning.

**I am editing this because I forgot that one morning he greeted me at the door completely naked - not even wearing a diaper! LOL, how did I forget that? Anyway, usually the pjs are still on, but just unzipped :-)

This morning as soon as I opened his door, he started saying "Dtee teeee, Dtee teeee" and ran across the hall to Katie's room. She had been making noise and he was so excited to see her. He ran right over to her crib and put his arm through to touch her hand. I actually put him in her crib with her, and after giving her a hug and kiss, he was very happy to look at her crib soother toy (we call it her "princess lights"). He has the same kind of soother, but his are birds and is more gender neutral - they both play music and have little things that move with lights - and shine a light show on the ceiling. They both LOVE them!!

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